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UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre is a world leader in biodiversity knowledge. It works with scientists and policy makers worldwide to place biodiversity at the heart of environment and development decision-making to enable enlightened choices for people and the planet.

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UKRI GCRF Trade, Development and the Environment Hub

UNEP-WCMC is the lead organisation for this global project, working together with partners towards sustainable trade in commodities and wild products

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The Development Corridors Partnership

The Development Corridors Partnership, led by UNEP-WCMC, is helping countries in East Africa to plan for a sustainable future.

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Framing the future for biodiversity

In 2020 a new global biodiversity framework will be agreed to replace the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and its Aichi Biodiversity Targets. UNEP-WCMC is well placed to support govern...

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Advancing environmental risk management

UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre is working with the Natural Capital Finance Alliance to build the knowledge base needed by financial institutions to understand their exposure...

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Ocean+ Library

Ocean+ Library is an online library that identifies 183 ocean-related resources available globally.

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Supporting the EU to address illegal timber trade

Illegal harvest of timber is a global threat to forests and biodiversity, and has considerable impacts on livelihoods and development. UNEP-WCMC provides support to the European Commission in mo...

Meet our Experts

Our 100-strong international team are recognised leaders in their field and have unrivalled understanding of the institutional landscape surrounding biodiversity policy and ecosystem management.

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Thomas Brooks

Ecosystem Assessment and Policy Support

Areas of collaboration with UNEP-WCMC


IUCN and UNEP-WCMC collaborate on numerous issues under a Joint Programme Agreement, with many of these themes related to the IUCN Chief Scientist’s responsibilities. These include supporting: the maintenance of the Protected Planet knowledge product (including the Green List); the derivation of indicators of protected area coverage of key biodiversity areas to track progress towards Aichi Target 11 and SDG Targets 14.5, 15.1, and 15.4; and the delivery of the Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool (IBAT).

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Neil burgess

Neil Burgess

Neil’s primary role as Chief Scientist is to develop the scientific work and profile of UNEP-WCMC with external partners interested in the conservation of nature, and the role data and analysis plays in this. He also oversees the work of the Science Programme and its staff, helps to publish leading scientific work at the science-policy interface, mentors staff in scientific delivery and ensures overall quality and scientific credibility of outputs.

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Valerie kapos

Valerie Kapos

Climate Change and Biodiversity

Valerie leads on our work on the impacts of climate change and the role of ecosystems in climate change mitigation and adaptation. In addition to overseeing and managing the work of the large Climate Change and Biodiversity team, her role includes overseeing the development of new projects and ideas, and liaising with counterparts in national governments, and with key collaborators, partners and funders.

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Nature reserve shows African Golden Cat for first time in Tanzania

06 June 2019

A camera trap has caught the first ever record of an African Golden Cat in Tanzania.

Citizen science campaign launched to fill vital data gaps

21 May 2019

New citizen science project launched which will improve our knowledge of flowering plant diversity in four countries - Ethiopia, India, Indonesia and Turkey.

UNEP-WCMC launches alumni network

15 May 2019

UNEP-WCMC today announced the launch of a global alumni network, helping former employees to stay connected with the people and ideas shaping conservation today.

'Transformative changes’ needed for the future of nature and people

10 May 2019

Nature is declining around the world at rates unprecedented in human history. This degradation of the fabric of life is leading to grave impacts on people across the planet, warns a landmark new...

60 years of tracking our protected world

30 April 2019

60 years ago Dag Hammarskjöld, the then Secretary-General of the United Nations, established the first list of national parks and equivalent reserves. That list would grow to become the Wor...

Conservationists share ‘core aims’ but no consensus on achieving th...

09 April 2019

The first large-scale study of the views held by those working to protect the natural world has found agreement on the goals of conservation – but substantial disagreement on how to move t...

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